Play on-line for FREE. Now CTOR board game available on TABLETOPIA.

Now the CTOR board game available on TABLETOPIA. 

Today news from biggest online board game platform Tabletopia. Many thanks to the platform team that quickly and professionally installed our project. If Chess and Go took thousands of years to enter the cultural code of humanity, then the game CTOR is 30 years old.

New information technologies and the possibility of distributing the game on all platforms allow us to hope that in 10 years we will be able to attract fans of the games Chess and Go, which is about 2 billion peoples.


CTOR was developed in the USSR by Mathematics and A.I. researcher Dr. Bronn. CTOR is a strategy game from the same family as Chess and Go.

1987 The first 100,000 copies board game was published.

1999 The first AI was developed.

2011-2015 The second&third version AI was developed.

2016 The first version of the team game was developed.

2018 New board game was published in Canada.

2018 At the end of 2018, the first international game tournament was held in Toronto.

2019 First official championship Toronto.

Dr. Bronn

Autor CTOR